Transformational Change - Scorecard

The "Determined to be Different" theme conveys our determination to be better than we've ever been, by making real progress across each of our five strategic priorities with the objective of becoming Australia's finest financial services organisation, through excelling in customer service.

June 2006 June 2010 Progress
Customer Satisfaction
Retail1 64.9% 75.6%
Business - TNS2 56.5% 67.9%
Business - DMB3 n/a Ranked 1st
FirstChoice4 Ranked 2nd Ranked 1st
Share of Ombudsmand Complaints 29.8% 15.1%
Market Shares
Home Lending 18.7% 26.2%
Business Lending 12.1% 19.5%
Household Deposits 29.3% 31.3%
Business Deposits 11.9% 22.9%
Products per Customer5 2.17 2.56
System Reliability - Sev. 1 incidents (pa) 66 14
Processing times - New Home Loans 14 days 6 days
Employee Engagement - Percentile 69th 76th
Total Shareholder Return - Ranking Number 1 (2,3,4,5 yrs)

Sources for Customer Satisfaction and related results

  1. Retail MFI Customer Satisfaction - Roy Morgan Research. Australian Population 14+, % "Very Satisfied" or "Fairly Satisfied" with relationship with that MFI institution. 6 month rolling average.
  2. Business Customer Satisfaction – TNS Business Finance Monitor. Customer satisfaction with MFI – businesses with annual turnover to $100m (ex Agribusinesses). This is based on a 12 month rolling average, except where noted. Percentage
    point change refers to the increase/decrease of each bank’s customers who are satisfied. Satisfaction is based on business customers who said they were Very or Fairly Satisfied with their relationship with their MFI. Peers are the other major banks: ANZ, NAB, STG and Westpac.
  3. DBM Business Financial Services Monitor, measured micro business with turnover up to $1 million, small business with turnover of $1 million up to $5 million, medium business with turnover of $5 million up to $50 million and large business with turnover of over $50 million, 5 month data to May 2010.
  4. FirstChoice – Wealth Insights Platform Service Level Survey compared with bank peer platforms as ranked by financial advisors.
  5. Products per Customer – Roy Morgan Research. Australian Population 14+, Banking and Finance products per Banking and Finance customer at financial institution. 6 month moving average.